Jordan Walker 

Grew up as a traveling kid, living on both coasts and the middle of the United States (plus a year in China) with his family before attending college. While at Clark University he designed his own undergraduate major in Multi-media Design, taking course work in film, graphic design, computer music, studio art, philosophy and religious studies.  After college he experienced contemporary art and culture in San Francisco and Brooklyn.  In New York he received a Masters of Education through the prestigious New York City Teaching Fellows.  In 2005 he attended Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and Waldorf Teacher Training at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY.  

Jordan currently lives and works in Spring Valley where he is the Projector Coordinator for the Threefold Educational Center.  He is a core group member of the peer-led training in social threefolding, Think OutWord, and in 2008 received a Credere social art community grant for The New Forms Project, a year long social sculpture exploring the intersection between an embodied life and sacred, aesthetic technology. 

Traveling is still an important part of his life and studies. He has spent time in Costa Rica, Kenya, New Zealand, Fiji, throughout Europe and North America and most recently the Philippines.

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